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Broadcast Sundays at 5:30 pm & Thursdays at 8:00 pm

Introducing Making It: The show for people making their way up north. In this new WDSE-TV series, explore stories of people who have broken through to thrive in their own sphere. You’ll meet creative artists, artisans and entrepreneurs engaged in honing their skills, following their passion and realizing their dreams.

Each episode revolves around a universal theme approached from various angles. Insight comes from a serial entrepreneur from Two Harbors, a musician-turned-playwright in Ely, an emerging textile artist and a successful coffee roaster in Duluth to name a few. Topics range from Take a Chance, Learning the Craft, Making It, and Transplants, to Reinvention and Passing It On.

The series is guided by the award-winning production team of Karen Sunderman and Steve Ash. The two have earned two Upper Midwest Regional Emmys with The PlayList. They have collaborated on several documentaries including Brew North and Steamship America, launched Great Gardening and created over 350 episodes of Venture North.

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