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106: Putting Down Roots

Full Episode - 106: Putting Down Roots

Talented newcomers bring fresh eyes and their passion to northern Minnesota. Learn about the migration, what lures them north, and the creative results. Featuring musicians Ryan & Jesse Dermody of Brothers Burn Mountain, gallery owner Joe Nease & his artist/partner Karen Nease, painter Paul LaJeuness and flute-player Paula Gudmundson.

Clips from this episode

Embedded thumbnail for Artist Paul LaJeunesse Discovers Duluth

Artist Paul LaJeunesse brings his career in art-making and teaching to Duluth, MN and puts down roots. Explore perspectives on public art,...

Embedded thumbnail for Lake Superior Lures Joseph & Karen Nease - Gallery Owner and Artist

Minnesota's north woods and the power of Lake Superior bring visual professionals to Duluth. Meet Joseph and Karen Nease as they put down roots in...

Embedded thumbnail for Paula Gudmundson - Building Community through Music

Meet a talented transplant to Duluth building community with her flute. Paula Gudmundson teaches at the University of Minnesota - Duluth and...

Embedded thumbnail for The Brothers Burn Mountain at Home

The Brothers Burn Mountain are a traveling duo putting down roots in Northeastern Minnesota. Visit their new home near Cotton and learn what...

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