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110: In Music

Full Episode - 110: In Music

Step into the limelight with musicians striving to make it in the music business including Erik Berry, Marc Gartman, Haley and Jillian Rae.

Clips from this episode

Embedded thumbnail for Marc Gartman -  A Career in Music

Songwriter & musician Marc Gartman offers his perspective on what it takes to make a career in music. The Duluth...

Embedded thumbnail for Erik Berry - Hard Work in the Music Business

Hard work is relative with mandolinist Erik Berry. His solo work and playing with Trampled by Turtles is part of...

Embedded thumbnail for Erik Berry - Making It in Music

What is making it in music to Erik Berry? It's a present tense discussion with Making It Up North. His solo work...

Embedded thumbnail for Erik Berry Chooses a Life in Music

Learning to learn an instrument and a few lucky breaks with the mandolin helped Erik Berry get a leg up in the music...

Embedded thumbnail for Jillian Rae - Making It with Music

Meet Minnesota musician Jillian Rae and hear her journey and advice on what it takes to make it in music. A native...

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