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Iron Range Makerspace

Innovation is the goal that fuels the Iron Range Makerspace in Hibbing, MN. Space, tools and human beings come together to grow skills and ideas under the guidance of Andrew Hanegmon, IRM's Chief Optimizer. Take a tour with Making It Up North.

Clips from this episode

Embedded thumbnail for McTavish Quilting Studio Connects Makers

Karen McTavish brought her machine-quilting skills to a new audience when she opened her studio to the public. Since...

Embedded thumbnail for Music Resource Center - Duluth Makes Musicians

Aspiring musicians refine their skills at the Music Resource Center - Duluth. A program of the Armory Arts &...

Embedded thumbnail for North House Folk School Crafts the Future

Visit a folk school dedicated to expanding the skills and possibilities for craft. Executive Director Greg White and...

Embedded thumbnail for 109: Placemakers

Explore four creative spaces in the Arrowhead and meet the makers making room for a new class of creators.

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