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Sustainable Makers on Making It

Discover makers who value sustainability in design and materials. Micro makers Philip Savage creates art from birch bark; Melissa Boyle recycles wool sweaters into cozy slippers she dubs 'Wooly Wearables' and Duluth's loll Designs transforms 100-percent post consumer recycled plastic into upscale outdoor furniture. See more at

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Outdoor friendly and sustainable, Duluth-based Loll Designs makes furniture from 100-percent post-consumer materials...

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Natural materials become exquisite top hats, earrings and art in the hands of Cloquet artist Phillip Savage. Visit...

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Visit the Wooly Wearables slipper factory where Melissa Boyle creates one-of-a-kind, practical luxuries. See her...

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Visit Loll Designs, an outdoor furniture maker with sustainable values imprinted in the process; recycled sweaters...

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